Could divine deliverance of pain be the origin of Theresia M?

The Ecstacy of St. Theresia

Few have passed by the Baroque relief sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, in Rome known as “Ecstasy of St. Theresia,” without being affected by the human expression of relief, pleasure and submission in the face of St. Theresa.

For years, the Theresia M shoes and sandals delivered to countless women an amazing relief from pain.  No one knows whether the divinity was in the soul (excuse the pun), the structure of the outersole, or the soft, supple and often adjustable uppers.

But these ladies’ relief was short lived because of a recent interruption of imports into the U.S. They are still sold in Europe.  In the US, you can find them on E-Bay, the Find, Boston Pedorthic and a handful of local retailers while supplies last.