Best Fashion Sandals 2013 (not!)

Less Comfortable Sandal

Dominatrix meets Grumpy Old Man.  Wear with socks for best effect and less abuse to the ankles.  Impatient Black Leather Sandals offered by Office

More Comfortable Sandal

Hobbit Lovers can hide 25 pound ankle weights in these “stud ankle covered bootie sandal” by

Ouch! Sandals of last resort.

Finn Comfort Sandal 96200No, we’re not talking Club Med.  

  • If it hurts to stand or walk and you’ve tried everything, see a doctor and try to get a diagnosis.
  • If it’s the bottom of your feet, look to orthotics.
  • If you have orthotics and yours are not working, try seeing an experienced board certified pedorthist.
  • If you’re experiencing extreme sensitivity, think of padded leathers, deerskin or suede. 
  • If it’s a fitting problem, look for wide, adjustable Velcro closure straps like the Finn Comfort 96200 or the Comfortite Sanibel.  
  • If you need more stability look at the bottom of the shoe to make sure
    that it is widely lasted, and consider a closed heel
  • If you wouldn’t wear these shoes to a dog race, dispair not. Don’t give up and don’t try to do it alone. You will prevail …