Best Fashion Sandals 2013 (3)

Less Comfortable Sandal

Fashionspot’s Best Wedge Sandal for 2013 is aptly named “State of Architectural Wedge by Matiko.” Oh for the youth, the legs, a white mini dess and impervious feet!

More Comfortable Sandal

No contest here, but if the girl with the gams doesn’t happen to be in the same room with me, I might pull this off.  Either way, ankle straps tend to be annoying, but here the pitch is lower and the front is adjustable.  All day standing in this one.


Shoe Shock: Sarah Jessica Parker trades heels for flats on doctor’s orders

Sarah Jessica Parker could overcome anything New York dished out.  As Carrie Bradshaw, the star of “Sex And The City,” she epitomized the fresh outlook of a young, single, thinking woman in the Big Apple – overcoming adversity head-on with heart, loyalty to her friends and an allegiance to fashion. Image

But it was only a matter of time before mother knew best was right.  Those high heels ground her long, lean gams to a painful halt.  Like many other women, Ms. Parker will need to re-invent her sense of style, when, at nearly fifty years of age she has a lot more life in her, but her feet are done.

This is someone who has invested in herself. She is a seasoned actor, her body may be Pilates-trained. Her parents probably didn’t question the wisdom of providing proper dental care for their daughter.  But her feet did not go the distance.  Years of abuse from pounding the pavement with her feet in a permanent, hyper flexed position, squeezed into tight shoes, has forced her to just stop. 

And the damage is probably not limited to the feet.  The effects of years of self-imposed distortion run up the kinetic chain, causing contraction in the calf muscles, tensor stresses in the knees, right up through the hips and spine. The Faustian bargain for Ms. Parker is a lifetime of pain management in any activity that requires standing or walking.