Best Fashion Sandals 2013 (not!)

Best fashion sandals 2013

Vogue’s 2013 pick for top 18 summer sandals has us wondering if they were designed for human or goddess. This golden masterpiece is Hermes in metallic, nappa suede, €650, perfect for lounging on a sunny boat deck in the Mediterranean.  Otherwise, plan to spend your time bending down tying your laces, certainly not walking.  If anyone knows of a more comfortable alternative to this ancient style, please weigh in.


Best Fashion Sandals 2013 (3)

Less Comfortable Sandal

Fashionspot’s Best Wedge Sandal for 2013 is aptly named “State of Architectural Wedge by Matiko.” Oh for the youth, the legs, a white mini dess and impervious feet!

More Comfortable Sandal

No contest here, but if the girl with the gams doesn’t happen to be in the same room with me, I might pull this off.  Either way, ankle straps tend to be annoying, but here the pitch is lower and the front is adjustable.  All day standing in this one.


Best Fashion Sandals for 2013 (2)

Less Comfortable Sandal

Glamour’s “Your Summer Sandals 2013” features the Lacy Sandal, available at French Sole.  True, it’s lots more lacy and glam than its comfort cousin.  But the thought of pounding floors with that unyielding sole, slipping in my own sweat has me breathless.

More Comfortable Sandal

Think’s Julia Laser-Cut Thong is not any more adjustable.  But where it lacks in a backstrap, it gains in a contoured insole that grips the bottom of the feet for more security.  And yes, wicks sweat effortlessly.