Make Way for Ducklings. OK Bunions.

Wolky Nimes SandalAt bedtime, when your parents read you this beloved children’s picture book by Robert McCloskey, did you ever take a good look at your parents feet? Yes, their feet. If you have bunions now, there’s a good chance that they did too. Bunions are correlated with a history of tight fitting shoes and excessive pronation (feet collapsing inward). So start finding shoes that allow your toes to wiggle freely and quack about, and see about getting orthotics. Short of a bunionectomy, the idea is to accommodate the bunion, with stretchable side panels and soft uppers that feature as much adjustability as possible. With bunions, you have to try on the shoe because it matters where the accommodative stretching ends and the leather starts. Xsensible New Steffie and Wolky Nimes Sandal in nubuck are two excellent options.