Summer Fashion Trends meet my Humble Budget

Wolky Delight Sandal

Yes, it is possible to be fashion forward and be smart about our money.  Here are three summer ideas to accessorize the apparel you already own:

  1. If your summer wardrobe plays up sheer fabrics and layering, use Nude leathers. to make you feel heavenly inspired.
  2. Do you rely on neutral colored apparel, like black, white, beige?  Then you can add a the new fruit colors of green, melon and orange.   Orange is a bold color that can update any look.  It looks great on tanned legs, but works in small doses on any color complexion.
  3. Of course, there’s nothing that announces summer more than a WHITE sandal.  And it’s color matching versatility makes good sense in an economic downturn.  Keep white touch up dye available to keep it looking fresh.
  4. Wolky Liana Sandal