May I wear sandals to the royal wedding?

I Satin Sandalsonly pause to wonder because of the recent dictum that beer cannot be imbibed in the Queen’s presence. If a pint of beer is considered too low-brow, might those ten little piggies wiggling free in the air also be considered too, well, plebian? Not so. According to Women’s Wear Daily, “A little known fact about Queen Elizabeth II: she has exquisite taste in shoes. In fact, Elizabeth II wore sandals, designed by Edward Rayne and made with gold duchesse satin and trimmed with silver and seed pearl buckles, on her wedding day in 1947.” For sandals that you can truly enjoy yourself in, opt for support from brands you can trust to deliver all-day-comfort. Here are some ideas for pulling your look together.

Style Gladiator or Roman style in a low heel.Flip flops that have a back and have good support.
Color With color, you are free to express your individuality.Try Nude, Silver, Gold, Pearlized White, Patent Leather.

Orange is hot for 2011. Coordinate or contrast nail polish color.

Low Heels Flats or wedges with good supportNot so floppy that they bend in your hand.
High Heels Use a wedge heel or a platform to minimize pitch.
Thin Verticals or diagonal straps are slimming.
Spaghetti Straps More is better, as long as the straps fit securely.A heel strap helps by holding your feet down.
Bare feet If you’re more comfortable, it’s okay to wear stockings with sandals, especially for a formal occasion. Just go with nude-toe.
Ankle Bracelets, Toe Rings If it rings your bell, go for it!

Here are some sandal pitfalls to avoid…

Skinny straps Straps rubbing
Flexible soling Foot pain
Non-leather lined Sweating
Non-adjustable closure Rubbing, Chafing
Unstable Falling over
Satin Soiling
Tight Correlated with bunions
High Heels You already know

By being comfortable, you’re free to really enjoy yourself.  And isn’t that what it’s all about? 🙂 Okay, gotta go, mailman’s here. Maybe it’s that wedding invitation I’ve been waiting for.