How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Moleskin

No longer made from the silky fur of a mole, today’s magic material, backed with adhesive is a humble savior.  Dedicated to the task of ever-so-gently protecting our feet from the harsh realities of life in the fast lane, we can get on the right side by outfitting our summer handbags right here and now with a goodly amount of the stuff.   Moleskin.

You know you’re going to need it if you feel your sandal strap moving, creating friction that could lead to a blister.   Spring into action with that moleskin and line the sandal strap so the soft nappy side is against your skin.  Also, see if you can also tighten the strap to reduce movement.  Alternatively, you can adhere the moleskin to your skin, albeit temporarily.  If you have a blister already, you can cut the moleskin into a donut shape, with your blister in the middle, giving it enough air to heal but no longer contacting the source of friction. 

Where to find?  Your neighborhood pharmacy or medical supply store.