Ouch! Sandals of last resort.

Finn Comfort Sandal 96200No, we’re not talking Club Med.  

  • If it hurts to stand or walk and you’ve tried everything, see a doctor and try to get a diagnosis.
  • If it’s the bottom of your feet, look to orthotics.
  • If you have orthotics and yours are not working, try seeing an experienced board certified pedorthist.
  • If you’re experiencing extreme sensitivity, think of padded leathers, deerskin or suede. 
  • If it’s a fitting problem, look for wide, adjustable Velcro closure straps like the Finn Comfort 96200 or the Comfortite Sanibel.  
  • If you need more stability look at the bottom of the shoe to make sure
    that it is widely lasted, and consider a closed heel
  • If you wouldn’t wear these shoes to a dog race, dispair not. Don’t give up and don’t try to do it alone. You will prevail …