Comfortable Wedding Sandals

Theresia Pinot in Gold & Pewter

With today’s destination weddings at the beach and on the grass, you want to concentrate on the couple and on enjoying yourself, not on the fact that your footwear is getting ruined and ruining your feet.   The good news is that whoever invented the June wedding was a kind and caring person because it is so much easier for people with difficult-to-fit feet to look good in sandals.  For women, the fun begins, so choose your flavor.   Muted or Shiny Gold, Silver, Pewter, Pearlized White.  At the risk of appearing too “matchy matchy”, metalicized colored leathers to coordinate with your dress and nail polish can be a knock-out!

Gladiator Sandals. Friends, Romans Lend Me your Feet.

Finn Comfort Phucket Sandal

Gladiator Sandals, made comfortable. The problem with wearing Gladiator Sandals is that they’re either pitched unreasonably, skyscraper-high or world-is-flat to the earth with absolutely no support: think a board under your feet with straps and straps.  I’ll never forget a pair of brown leather Roman Sandals I wore with an Indian skirt when I was fifteen.  My teenaged, male cousin came visiting from London and it was my job to show him around NYC.  All day, he had to stop for me to adjust my straps.  It was so embarrassing!  And because the soles were so close to the ground, the sandals picked up debris all day long.  Yuck!  So for a sandal that you can actually wear all day, here are a few recommendations: Finn Comfort for fabulous comfort with great metallic leathers. Try the Finn Comfort Wichita for a flip flop.   More sensitive feet that need stability may like the Adana. An adjustable option for wider feet or to avoid bunions, hammertoes is the Pattaya, Choose the Dahlia Sandal by Haflinger if you’re in the mood for a softer, more delicate upper.